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6 Disruptive Technologies That Affect Analytics

Posted by TADA on 5/10/18 9:00 AM

It can seem like a new technology is trending every few days.

While many come and go, some have the ability to make a huge impact on business.

Last year, Gartner released its top 10 tech trends for 2018.

Let’s take a look at some of them to see how these disruptive technologies affect analytics.

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Peerless Visibility in Business: Why Infinite Navigation Stands Alone

Posted by TADA on 5/7/18 9:00 AM

Most companies struggle to derive value from business intelligence data, according to Supply Chain Quarterly’s analysis of research in big data analytics.

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TADA is Alive: Avoid Static Business Intelligence Software

Posted by TADA on 5/3/18 12:00 PM

One of the most frustrating things about software is when it fails to provide value.

That’s exactly what static business intelligence software does.

Think to yourself: If this software vanished today, would I change how I do business?

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Analytics Software Made Easy: TADA Gets Your Business Up and Running

Posted by TADA on 4/30/18 10:00 AM

Rolling out enterprise software is tricky.

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TADA Makes Learning Business Analytics Software a Breeze

Posted by TADA on 4/27/18 10:00 AM

Learning a new piece of software can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Like Magic: TADA Makes Business Intelligence Software Implementation Easy

Posted by TADA on 4/25/18 10:00 AM

To say that implementing new enterprise software can be a challenge is an understatement.

Just over one-third of software projects finish on time and on budget. That might be why 75 percent of business and IT executives believe their software projects are doomed to failure.

We understand that business intelligence software implementation has a stigma attached to it.

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Cut Down on Onboarding Time with TADA Business Analytics Software

Posted by TADA on 4/19/18 10:00 AM


That’s what often comes to mind when employees find out they must learn a new piece of software. After all, they already know how to do their job, so why do they need a new tool?

Consider that only 59 percent of business software implementations are completed within their original timeframe, according to the BI Survey.

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TADA Offers Top Notch Support for Business Intelligence Software Onboarding

Posted by TADA on 4/17/18 10:00 AM

Suppose your business has just purchased a major business intelligence software tool. You bought it because it would help alleviate your greatest pain points. And you’ve helped contribute to the upward spending trend in enterprise software.

Then your worst fear comes to life.

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The Worst Supply Chain Analysis Advice We've Ever Heard

Posted by TADA on 4/9/18 10:00 AM

We’ve heard some pretty bad supply chain analysis advice over the years.

Some of that advice is exemplified in these examples which show just how bad things can get.

To be fair, the scope of some of these examples wasn’t known until too late. However, one big takeaway we’d like to mention up front is to plan for failure—what you’ll do when the playbook you’ve so carefully crafted is thrown out the window.

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Stop Asking How to Create a Pivot Table and Improve Your Data Analytics Job

Posted by TADA on 4/6/18 10:00 AM

We’re done with pivot tables, and we think you should be, too.

Scoffing at the time-honored pivot table may seem heretical. After all, pivot tables have been around for more than 30 years and have helped countless employees summarize scads of data across organizations of all sizes. Your search engine results for “pivot tables” will return no shortage of tutorials and information singing their praises.

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