4 Things You Don't Know About Digital Duplicates


It can be difficult to keep track of the many moving pieces within an organization.

That’s where a digital duplicate comes into play.

A digital duplicate is the digital representation of a company. It is the ecosystem for all of the organization’s disparate technologies, allowing for stakeholders to increase collaboration and decision-making in order to drive the company forward.

Here are four things you didn’t know about digital duplicates.

Digital Duplicates Are Trending This Year

The IT research and advisory firm Gartner named in their top 10 tech trends for 2018 something called “immersive digital mesh.”

Included in this mesh is what’s called a digital twin. Gartner calls the digital twin “a digital representation of a real-world entity or system.” Each digital twin is linked to one real-world object and responds to its counterparts.

Digital duplicates take the concept further because digital duplicates incorporate all of the digital twins. In other words, a digital twin represents a member of a family, while the digital duplicate represents the entire family.

With more than 21 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020, that makes for a large family.


Digital Duplicates Have Infinite Navigation

Only six percent of businesses have achieved full visibility into their supply chain, according to Andrew Allen’s analysis of a GEODIS survey at Supply Management.

This lack of visibility caused in part by a lack of navigation within a company’s systems.

Digital duplicates, however, provide infinite navigation because they encompass all aspects of an organization. While information about a company’s suppliers, inventory, people, and sales might usually sit in separate, siloed systems, a digital duplicate will break the walls down to incorporate these sources into one semantic network.

Improve visibility into your business with a digital duplicate.


Digital Duplicates Improve Line of Sight

Line of sight into a business can be obstructed by many things, such as a lack of internal communication and business intelligence software, risk management, and ignoring analytics.

Digital duplicates alleviate these issues because they make information universally accessible and useful. They help bring companies and their stakeholders together to build community. Plus, as mentioned above, there is no limit to navigating a digital duplicate.  


Digital Duplicates Make Bold Predictions

Finally, digital duplicates are their own digital warehouse. They are a traditional data warehouse in the sense that they store information for your organization’s multiple sources, but they excel beyond that by increasing your data’s quality and accuracy. Digital duplicates can house multiple data types and return them in a uniform way.

With whatever data you put into it, your organization’s digital duplicate transforms into a neural network. This means that the digital duplicate analyzes patterns and relationships to help you make better decisions about your company.

Digital duplicates are powerful tools that help you work smarter and not harder.

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