5 Ways to Grow Your Data Analysis Job Performance


Being a data analyst is tough. You have a mountain of data to comb through, but you want to be seen in a positive light by both your peers and your leadership. In this article, we’ll discuss five ways for overcoming the challenges that come with the territory.

1. Leverage Technology With Software

Everything generates data these dates -- from the taps you make on your smartphone to the emails you send to how long you spend on this website. It’s all tracked. We produce so much data that 90 percent of it today has been created just in the past two years.

It's easy to get lost in data, but you don't have to.

With business intelligence software, you can aggregate existing data into one location. This will help improve your data analysis performance personally so that you can see data all in one place. It will also mean you can improve your organization’s performance, as well.


2. Create A Competitive Advantage

Just by implementing business intelligence software, you’ve created a competitive advantage.

The reason is that 63 percent “of organizations do not use any technology to analyse, track, and monitor the performance of their supply chains.”

Use BI software to stand out. Your company will benefit, but your stock will also rise within your organization.


3. Communicate More Effectively

We’ve written previously about data silos, which hinders the ability of a company to generate revenue, stay in front of competitors, and deliver positive experiences to customers.

Part of the reason for the communication breakdown is a lack of consistent data. Data scientists spend a bulk of their time cleaning and organizing data, but would prefer to model data, mine it for patterns, or refine algorithms.

These tasks would help eliminate confusion and allow leaders to make decisions to accelerate the company forward.


4. Demonstrate Strategic Thinking

It’s challenging to show strategic thinking as a data analyst when most of the work day is spent cleaning data.

Having more time to do what you do best - doing the preferred data analyses listed in the previous section - could only bolster your position at your company.

Being a deft presenter and getting executive buy-in wouldn’t hurt, either.


5. Demonstrate ROI

This article has hinted at this notion, but now it’s time to be explicit: Prove your worth at your organization by providing a return on investment.

The ROI of every dollar spent on “robust and useable analytic solutions” increased from $10.66 in 2011 to $13.01 in 2014, according to Nucleus Research.

At a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions, we’re confident in TADA’s ability to provide a return on your investment. Contact us today to find out more about TADA.

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