6 Ways TADA Powers Data Analytics


It’s no surprise that companies expect data analytics to bring results.

These range anywhere from bettering the ability to make strategic decisions, gaining a better insight into customers, and reducing costs, according to the Business Application Resource Center.

This post explores how TADA improves data analytics for your company for many of those same factors.


1. TADA Creates A Digital Duplicate Of Your Company

A digital duplicate is the digital representation of your company. It is the ecosystem for many of your organization’s disparate, siloed technologies. By connecting these sources, TADA gives you a 360-degree view of your business, allowing you to collaboration and solve problems in real time from any device.


2. TADA Is The Brain Of Your Organization

TADA is a living, breathing tool. With all the data you put into it, TADA begins to learn and forms connections between the data and its sources, much like a neural network. The patterns and relationships TADA recognizes will help you to glean better insights and make better decisions than previously imaginable.


3. TADA Transforms Business Intelligence

Many of the world’s most recognizable tech companies aspire to help their customers achieve great things. TADA is no different. TADA makes information universally accessible and useful like Google, gives your business the power to build community like Facebook in order to bring your company together, breaks down barriers like Twitter, and, like Amazon, helps customers find anything in TADA with its infinite navigation capabilities.


4. TADA Has Infinite Navigation

Creating a digital duplicate means “the great unknown” no longer exists. TADA affords you the opportunity to explore each and every area of your business by pulling in data from every source. By breaking down the silos that obstruct transparency and accountability in other organizations, TADA allows you to navigate within your digital duplicate to no end. A practical example of this would be drilling down into sales data from a particular 30-minute time period from the previous year in order to predict sales for that same time period the next year.


5. TADA Can Make Bold Predictions

One of the hottest topics in technology is predictive analytics. Each machine, sensor, and person generates data. By collecting that data into one repository, TADA can begin to make predictions about it. The benefits of these predictions range from improving the customer experience to better managing inventory to optimizing your supply chain. This allows your organization to uncover new revenue opportunities, identify fraud, and mitigate risk.


6. TADA Is A Better Data Warehouse

TADA is a data warehouse in the sense that it stores data from your organization’s multiple sources. Where TADA differs is that it ensures data is consistent, increasing the quality and accuracy of your data. TADA is also designed specifically to handle multiple data types and return them in a uniform way in order to help your team understand and generate insights. Plus, TADA can do this all at 10 times the speed and one-tenth of the cost of similar products.

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