Analytics Software Made Easy: TADA Gets Your Business Up and Running


Rolling out enterprise software is tricky.

Projects often exceed their initial timeline and budget. We’ll take a look at some common issues with analytics software rollouts and how TADA counteracts them to get your business up and running easily.

Stick To The Schedule

Most enterprise software projects don’t get finished on time, according to a report from Panorama Consulting Solutions. The 2017 Report on ERP Systems and Enterprise Software says that more than half—59 percent—of projects took longer than initially expected. “The average implementation duration was 16.9 months,” says the report. This is a 19-percent decrease from the previous year, but is still an increase from 16.3 months in 2013.

TADA encourages quicker implementation by reducing the learning curve in analytics software. We want businesses to work smarter - not harder. Our customers can back us up here.


Eliminate Overrun Culprits

Two of the main factors that contribute to schedule overruns, according to the enterprise software report, are expanded scope (19 percent) and data issues (15 percent).

These undoubtedly contribute to lengthy rollout times. In fact the 2017 BI Survey says “approximately one in 10 business intelligence projects can still take a year or more to complete.”

Defining a scope at TADA is paramount. It ensures that your rollout happens on time and within budget so that you can begin realizing the benefits of TADA.

Plus, data is our speciality. By creating a digital duplicate of your enterprise, your team will have a 360-view of what’s happening in real time. The idea of a digital duplicate is a trend that’s sure to have a lasting impact.


Plan For Issues As You Onboard

The BI Survey says that the leading problem users typically encounter with their BI tool is data quality.

With TADA, data quality is a non-issue. TADA connects disparate data sources together, creating structured, uniform data. Doing this allows for improved business visibility by allowing for infinite navigation. Since the data is connected and talking to each other, it forms a neural network and starts to make its own connections. All of these reasons mean that your team can deftly develop insights that lead to critical, forward-thinking decisions.

TADA is analytics software made easy. Avoid the headaches, hassles, and horse manure of an enterprise software rollout by getting your business up and running when you want it.

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