Cut Down on Onboarding Time with TADA Business Analytics Software



That’s what often comes to mind when employees find out they must learn a new piece of software. After all, they already know how to do their job, so why do they need a new tool?

Consider that only 59 percent of business software implementations are completed within their original timeframe, according to the BI Survey.

Say, for example, you’ve implemented new business analytics software—like TADA—at your organization. Rolling out the new software is a great step, but it’s only part of what will make the new software successful.

Another crucial part is onboarding your team.

“If you’re debating the best ways to train employees on a new software rollout, there’s good news,” writes TJ Coyle at Training Industry. “You’re already ahead of the curve.”

When we talk about onboarding, we generally refer to onboarding new employees to an organization. The Society for Human Resource Management says that employee “onboarding helps new employees adjust to their jobs by establishing better relationships to increase satisfaction, clarifying expectations and objectives to improve performance, and providing support to help reduce unwanted turnover.”

This idea can be extended to new software. When you bring new software into an organization, you’ll need to help your employees adjust to increase their satisfaction of the software, learn how to use the software to help them perform their best, and provide support to allow for successful technology adoption.

Consider the following points for cutting down on onboarding time with your business analytics software:

  • Communicate why the software was purchased. To get TADA, leadership probably found a benefit to solve at least major pain point your team had. Instead of just plopping the new software in your employees’ laps, explain why the decision was made to get it.
  • Let employees know who they can contact for help. We provide dedicated support for any possible technical issues your team may encounter.
  • Create training. What we offer can be supplemented by microlearning, such as a YouTube video that walks through the software step by step to do what you need it to do.

Onboarding doesn’t have to be ominous, especially if you are considering TADA for your organization. Contact us today to learn more about how we help you help your company with TADA.

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