Digital Duplicate Covers Gartner's Top 10 Tech Trends


Toward the end of the year, many organizations and firms look back at the year that was and make predictions about the coming year.

The technology research firm Gartner is one of those firms, as they recently announced their top 10 technology trends for 2018.


These trends include artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, and security in the form of blockchain.

All 10 of these disparate technologies combine to form what Gartner calls an immersive digital mesh, or “the entwining of people, devices, content, and services [that is] enabled by digital models, business platforms and a rich, intelligent set of services to support digital business.”

One of the technologies that Gartner has their eye on for 2018 is the digital twin, or “a digital representation of a real-world entity or system,” says Gartner. “In the context of IoT (Internet of Things), digital twins are linked to real-world objects and offer information on the state of the counterparts, respond to changes, improve operations and add value.”

Gartner estimates that with more than 21 billion connected devices by 2020, digital twins will exist for billions of things. As a result, these connections could save organizations billions of dollars. Gartner says that while digital twins now exist for mainly asset management, they could exist as virtual simulations for entire cities in the future.

At TADA, we have advocated for businesses using what we call a "digital duplicate." This differs from a digital twin in that a digital duplicate pulls all of Gartner’s tech trends together into one. It is the convergence of all of these tech trends (the immersive digital mesh, if you will) into one ecosystem.

In other words, while a digital twin is the single virtual representation of product in real time, a digital duplicate can contain hundreds of digital twins.

Businesses should research digital duplicates because they provide a 360-degree view of your organization, such as valuable customer information, business data, and managing multiple digital twins. A digital duplicate can assess the disparate technologies within your organization, create associations between them, and help you use that data to make decisions that help propel your business forward.

TADA takes the siloed technologies as presented by Gartner, breaks those silos down, and brings together all of the tech trends into one product. We build a digital duplicate of your business using the language of your business. The best part is that TADA’s industry-leading technology gives your business a clear differentiator.

If you’re looking for how to capitalize on the technology trends of the future, contact us today.

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