Peerless Visibility in Business: Why Infinite Navigation Stands Alone


Most companies struggle to derive value from business intelligence data, according to Supply Chain Quarterly’s analysis of research in big data analytics.

The struggle is due, in large part, to the fact that “the most widely used tool for managing supply chain data today is still Excel spreadsheets.”

User satisfaction with Excel is low because of the challenges presented by poor “usability, integrity, and consistency of data.”

One of the researchers says that because individuals create their own spreadsheets, there is “no single version of the truth” to share among departments because of the inconsistencies.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


The Importance Of Visibility In Business

The one thing you can do to increase visibility is to implement analytics.

Analytics help you bring disparate data sources together to share information easily and in real time.

As a result, businesses have seen outstanding results, such as improving visibility into your suppliers overseas.

Take a look at our four strategies for boosting business visibility.


Using TADA To Increase Visibility

TADA is a cloud-based business analytics tool that brings those data sources together.

We do this through what’s called a digital duplicate.

The digital duplicate connects each source of data in one place. In one word, the digital duplicate is an ecosystem.

So transformative is the idea of connecting real-life things with their digital counterparts that Gartner listed it in its top tech trends for 2018.

In fact, companies that forego digital duplicates risk some of the following consequences:

  • Falling behind the trend
  • Poor visibility into your business 
  • Disconnected data points

Perhaps most importantly companies won’t be able to view all their data.


TADA Provides Infinite Navigation

Since multiple data sources comprise your digital duplicate, TADA can assess your entire digital reach.

While competitors typically allow users to navigate information according to months or even days, TADA helps you navigate information with pinpoint precision.

Let’s use the example of a product’s sales. Yes, competitors typically let you see sales data for the year, the month, or even the day.

TADA, however, goes even further by letting you see specific times of day when a product’s sales spiked or sagged.

This navigation isn’t just limited to sales data. With TADA you gain visibility into marketing, sales, HR, operations, and any other business unit that connects with the software.

Don’t be like most companies.

Get out of Excel and into a business intelligence tool that works for you.

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