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If you’ve struggled to achieve full visibility into your supply chain, you’re not alone.

In fact, only six percent of businesses have, according to Andrew Allen at Supply Management in an analysis of a GEODIS survey released last year.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s where TADA comes in.

TADA enhances collaboration among your team members by giving them the information they need to drive end-to-end problem solving.

One of the ways TADA helps your business - whether you sit in the industry of manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, insurance, finances, and M&A - is with infinite navigation.

TADA improves visibility by building a digital duplicate of your business.

The digital duplicate is a digital representation of an organization, encompassing all aspects of your business. For example, in a supply chain, this might look like your suppliers, inventory, delivery performance, people, budgets, and more. Each of these aspects may normally sit in silos. With TADA, these obstructions are broken down for a complete view. Data from multiple sources are incorporated into one semantic network.

After TADA creates the digital duplicate, its dashboards show you where to make efficient, effective decisions.

Say, for example, you are reviewing your sales.

With TADA, you can look at sales numbers for 2017. Maybe you had a nice uptick in sales in June with the start of the summer season.

Many other products can help you find sales information for month and day. Where TADA differs, however, is in how precise you can get.

Let’s assume you discover within TADA that your business had a particularly great sales day on June 2. By investigating further, you see that your sales really picked up between 12:00 and 12:30. TADA lets you drill down to the minute and second.

What does all this mean?

Looking at the same data from 2016, 2015, 2014, and years prior allows you to see a trend. Your business consistently performs well on this particular date year after year.

Next year, because you’ve used TADA, you can better prepare for the event and order inventory, maintain your machinery, and prepare staff for June 2.

This is just one example of how TADA improves business visibility with its infinite navigation. If you are interested in building your digital duplicate at 10 times the speed for one-tenth of the cost of similar products, contact us today.

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