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If you struggle to rise above the tidal wave of supply chain data, you’re not alone.

A majority of respondents to a Supply Chain Quarterly survey said they had a moderately to very high volume of data available to them.

However, the survey responses were mixed as to whether managers were satisfied with the data they have to run their supply chains.

Further, “only a very few respondents report being very satisfied in all four data attribute areas: availability of data; usability; integrity; and consistency.”

One way to think about achieving this level of satisfaction is with a 360 view of data.


The Panopticon

To understand what a 360 view means, let’s think about a building.

The English philosopher named Jeremy Bentham is credited with designing the panopticon.

The structure was circular, with an “inspection house” at the center that allowed for staff to watch people in all directions. Bentham initially developed the idea being applicable to hospitals and schools, and prisons, but it has become most associated with the latter in the following centuries.

Prison staffers would like the panopticon, so the theory goes, because prisoners would learn to govern themselves. A guard couldn’t watch each inmate at all times, but inmates would never knew when they were being watched.

In other words, the panopticon provided a 360 view.


How To Get A 360 View of Data

You may think that the ability to monitor people live is different from monitoring data. After all, depending its size, you may not know all the data sources that exist in your organization.

However, it is possible to see your data in real time. You can get a 360 view of your data with your own panopticon.

Consider each of your data sources as a person you’d like to watch.

Then, monitor that data with your own inspection house, the common ground at which all sources meet.

This inspection house is TADA.

TADA is the location in which all of your data sources can connect to get a 360 view.

When your company’s data sources connect to TADA, we create what’s called a digital duplicate. The digital duplicate translates all of your disparate information into one digital format, mirroring your organization in ones and zeroes.

TADA is easy to get up and running, and when you do, you’ll be able to make big data manageable. TADA’s data analytics empower you to break down silos, as well as see and retrieve information when you want to.

If you’re a supply chain manager who is not fully satisfied with the availability, usability, integrity, and consistency of your data, you may consider using TADA to achieve that 360 view.

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