TADA is Alive: Avoid Static Business Intelligence Software

TADA is alive - avoid static BI software

One of the most frustrating things about software is when it fails to provide value.

That’s exactly what static business intelligence software does.

Think to yourself: If this software vanished today, would I change how I do business?

Avoid static BI software by switching to TADA today.


Avoid Features; Instead, Focus On Outcomes

Enterprises who craft a strategy around business outcomes are more successful than those who focus on features.

This is a key takeaway from Louis Columbus in his analysis of Dresner Advisory Services’ 2017 Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study.

“Enterprises are prioritizing the traditional textbook statistical functions … when they begin creating a BI strategy,” Columbus writes.

Meanwhile, he says “enterprises prioritizing features are often in search of a panacea to their BI strategic challenges when a clear definition of business strategies needs to guide the selective choice of predictive analytics technologies and tools.”

No matter how active you are in activating and using features, your ligence software is still static if it’s not churning out insights to help you improve your organization.

TADA was built with business outcomes in mind.

That’s why our software helps to rapidly connect your organization, enhance executive visibility, and solves problems.


Avoid Silos; Instead, Engage Stakeholders

What’s worse than simply tinkering with features is not using your software at all.

Silos are one factor in why users neglect business intelligence software.

Curb apathy by collaborating and communicating with stakeholders.

That’s the message from the authors of the B-I Survey, who argue that many of the top challenges of implementing and using business intelligence software “can be avoided through a sound development and rollout processes that engage business stakeholders early and often.”

TADA helps business units, such as marketing, sales, HR, and operations break down the silos that once stood between them so that organizations can increase revenues and improve customer experiences.


Avoid Bad Data; Instead, Master Data Management

Another reason your ligence software stagnates is because its data quality is poor.

Some of the most common BI problems, from both customers and vendors, are:

  • Poor data quality
  • Slow query performance
  • Lack of interest from business users
  • Administrative issues
  • Company politics

TADA creates a digital duplicate of your business that innately improves your data quality by monitoring it for:

  • Completeness
  • Validity
  • Uniqueness
  • Consistency
  • Timeliness
  • Accuracy

Quality data will stimulate query performance and lubricate collaboration between stakeholders in various business units.

Unlike static business intelligence software, TADA creates value by focusing on business outcomes first noticed by engaged stakeholders in quality data.

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