What is a Digital Duplicate?


Developing products in a timely manner is vital for a supply-chain organization.

That should not surprise you.

What may surprise you, however, is that 89 percent of these organizations “agree that they have disparate legacy systems that impact the speed of development.”

That number is according to PointSource CTO Barry Pellas in an article for Manufacturing Business Technology

In other words, Pellas argues that traditional systems are stifling digital transformation.

Our platform, TADA, answers this pain point with the digital duplicate.


What Is A Digital Duplicate?

To first understand a digital duplicate, we must understand a digital twin.

The technology research firm Gartner listed digital twins in their 2018 list of technology trends. A digital twin is “a digital representation of a real-world entity or system.” Each twin is linked to a real-world object that reports on its state, how it responds to changes, and how that object can improve operations and add value.

Further, Gartner estimates that digital twins will exist for billions of things as the Internet of Things expands to 21 billion connected devices by 2020.

A digital duplicate is a digital representation of an organization. If each digital twin represents a single object, then a digital duplicate contains all of those objects.


What Do Digital Duplicates Do?

Digital duplicates serve as the ecosystem for many disparate, siloed technologies.

The digital duplicate is a 360-degree view of your business. It rapidly connects your organization so that your executives learn revelatory insights about your business, customers, and products.


Why Is A Digital Duplicate Important?

In addition to connecting disparate sources, TADA inspires real-time collaboration and problem-solving on any device. Our platform aggregates existing information in an appealing format in order to drive intuitive decision-making.

Plus, digital duplicates use the language of your specific business, increasing the likelihood of adoption among your team.

Finally, TADA builds your digital duplicate 10 times faster than anyone else at one-tenth of the cost.


How Can A Digital Duplicate Help Me?

Customers have used TADA to:

  • Identify an opportunity to generate up to a 30% revenue growth from a multi-dimensioned market analysis
  • Reduce overall cost of poor quality across business units among 4,500 IT applications
  • Speed up strategy development from 3 months to 5 days for 30 product groups

Speed up your organization’s development and save money with a digital duplicate.

Contact TADA today to learn more about how the industry-leading technology of a digital duplicate can help differentiate your forward-thinking business. 

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