What Makes TADA Business Intelligence Different


One of the biggest problems in business is complexity.

Business data may be organized, but may also exist only in functional silos and disparate sources.

Information systems may not deliver intuitive insights or drive action.

Technology investments may not deliver adequate value.

Decision-making processes may fail to be collaborative, agile, and innovative.

With TADA, we want to help turn that complexity into a competitive advantage.

TADA presents a clear picture of your business by harmonizing existing data. The platform helps you visualize and analyze information to facilitate and enhance natural, intuitive decision-making. We help you unleash your organization’s collective intelligence to quickly solve problems and improve performance.

Finally, with the TADA business intelligence software, pull value through to the bottom line.


How Does TADA Work?

TADA combines your company’s business model, operations, and disparate data sources to create your organization’s digital duplicate.

That digital duplicate provides end-to-end visibility, generating insights that help stakeholders:

  • Make better decisions.
  • Collaborate amongst your team.
  • Respond to changes.
  • Deliver unparalleled customer value.

We do this at 10 times the speed and one-tenth the cost of competing products.


What’s A Digital Duplicate?

A digital duplicate is a digital model of real-world objects and systems.

By connecting dynamically with its physical counterparts, digital duplicates converge to form a:

  • Digitized business operating model that relies on operational and/or other data.
  • Framework for business performance.
  • Business operational intelligence.

Digital duplicates also integrate capabilities for monitoring, visualizing, and analysis.

The key to the digital duplicate is that it uses the semantics and language of your business.

Plus, digital duplicates can infuse with advanced analytics and machine learning.


What Are The Benefits Of TADA?

TADA has many benefits for an organization.

  • Rapidly build your digital duplicate. In less than 4 weeks, TADA connects multiple, disparate data sources to design the digital duplicate.
  • Minimal assistance is required. One of the most common issues that customers of alternative products face is the necessity to involve multiple resources from IT and operations to stand up an instance of a product.
  • Ability to quickly add new data sources. Expand the breadth of the TADA platform with each new stream you connect.
  • Create real-time visuals. Dashboards drive consistency and continuity across the enterprise. Plus, infinite navigation allows for drill-down capabilities.
  • Build future solutions on top of TADA. Our platform is hyper-scalable.
  • Get on-demand access from multiple devices.

In less than 8 weeks, TADA provides a complete solution for your enterprise.

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