What's the Typical Learning Curve for Business Analytics Software?


It is intimidating to learn a piece of business analytics software. You may have general knowledge about what you’re trying to accomplish, but doing so in a new environment can be both unfamiliar and clunky.

The good news is that you’re already experienced in the subject matter. If you would like to brush up on your business intelligence skills, or learn new ones entirely, you can check out Lynda’s library.

However, the focus of this post is to make the learning curve for business analytics software more gradual than steep so that you can get started quickly.

The concept of a learning curve is simple. In this instance, the more familiar you become with a piece of software, the less time it takes you to configure it so that it gives you what you want. This phenomenon has been studied for years from the point of view of businesses as well as software developers.

One way to do lessen the learning curve is by getting a free demo of the product you are considering purchasing. This may come in the form of a walk-through from a software expert or access to a particular product on your own. Both of these variations will allow you to get a first-hand look at the software tool before you purchase it so that you can better determine whether it will be a good fit for you.

Another way to evaluate the learning curve of software is by seeing what it can do for you. Many business analytics software platforms help aggregate data. As a data analyst, though, you want to be able to take the data a step further. You should be able to write prompts within the tool that will help you automate the process of collecting and formatting data. That way, you can analyze it and develop insights you can present to your manager in order to help make business decisions.

In addition to aggregating data, a business analytics software platform should allow you to select data with pin-point precision. Perhaps you want to know behavior about a particular customer in a specific segment. Merely knowing the tool is capable of this can be comforting because you’ll eventually learn how to do it.

A final point about implementing any new software program is communicating with your team about the unavoidable learning curve. By discussing the implementation and onboarding process with your team, you can help set expectations about when everyone should start seeing some return on investment.

Knowing exactly what a business analytics software platform can do for you before you buy it is challenging. Understanding whether your new platform has the items listed here ahead of time can help lessen the learning curve.

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